Re: [Evolution-hackers] Status bar

On Fri, 2003-12-05 at 22:57, ERDI Gergo wrote:

> I think you should call it 'on-url', its really only proxying the
> gtkhtml event anyway.

OK I changed its name, but it's not just a proxy since the signature
changes from void () (const char*) to void () (const char*, const char*)

That's still, essentially, a proxy.  and to be honest 'url hover' just sounds 'gay'.

> Actually i dont understand why you are exporting this signal anyway?
> You have two places the status is set, one from the signal callback in
> em-folder-view via the <status> tag, and the other from the callback
> in mail-component via activity client status.

I thought I already explained it.
The problem is that there are two competing ways to set the statusbar, and
parts of Evolution use both.
THe main shell uses its own Evolution::Component interface, thus when the
mail component is embedded in the main window, it has to use this.
On the other hand, Bonobo proper uses the Bonobo::UI interface. This is
the interface used when you double-click a mail message and it is opened
in a separate window.
What has 'bonobo proper' to dowith evolution?  If the evolution::component interface suffices?

I still don't grok it.

> as i've statued beofre, i dont understand this logic.  why not set it
> to "" intsead of NULL, so you don't have to do this messy stuff?

like I said, look at the implementation of bonobo_ui_component_set_status:

        if (text == NULL ||
            text [0] == '\0') {
                 * FIXME: Remove what was there to reveal other msgs
                 * NB. if we're using the same UI component as the view
                 * was merged in with, this will result in us loosing our
                 * status bar altogether - sub-optimal.
                bonobo_ui_component_rm (component, "/status/main", opt_ev);
Wow, that seems rather 'fucked'.  but sure ok.  i must've missed the last time you said it before.

so that's why. I realise that there has been some problems in the minor
details in the patch (I haven't done any straight-C GTK+ hacking since
ages), but please assume that I know what I'm doing :)

i'll review the patch when on-hours start again.


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