Re: [Evolution-hackers] Status bar

On Sun, 7 Dec 2003, Not Zed wrote:

> That's still, essentially, a proxy.  and to be honest 'url hover' just
> sounds 'gay'.


> > The problem is that there are two competing ways to set the statusbar, and
> > parts of Evolution use both.
> > THe main shell uses its own Evolution::Component interface, thus when the
> > mail component is embedded in the main window, it has to use this.
> > On the other hand, Bonobo proper uses the Bonobo::UI interface. This is
> > the interface used when you double-click a mail message and it is opened
> > in a separate window.
> What has 'bonobo proper' to dowith evolution?  If the
> evolution::component interface suffices?
> I still don't grok it.

OK. Look at em-message-browser.c:147

	emmb = (EMMessageBrowser *)em_message_browser_new();
	gtk_widget_show((GtkWidget *)emmb);
	/* FIXME: title set elsewhere? */
	emmb->window = g_object_new(bonobo_window_get_type(), "title", "Ximian Evolution", NULL);
	bonobo_window_set_contents((BonoboWindow *)emmb->window, (GtkWidget *)emmb);

so, an EMMessageBrowser is embedded in a vanilla BonoboWindow.
And BonoboWindows don't support the ETaskBar stuff, so you can only set
the status bar via the BonoboUI interface.

Really, I don't know what else I could explain. I'm going to #evolution
now so you can ask about the exact details that are still hazy.


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