Re: [Evolution-hackers] Why no more embedded AbiWord or Gnumeric views?

> 	Surely it's to do with the parent container not giving them all the
> available space ?
> 	Perhaps for images they always ask for their size: 1600x1024 or 16x16
> and that's the size that we want to display them; but I guess we need to
> pass some hint saying 'this is a request size - but I'm happy to be
> expanded to fill' ;-)

That would seem to make more sense to me, personally, I would expect it
to behave differently according to the type of document, eg...

* Spreadsheet - open at full width of mail pane/window, with some sort 
  of reasonable height, so it looks like it's in landscape
* Word Processor - open at full width of mail pane/window, probably
  with height the same as width, although that's probably just because 
  that's the size I tend to have AbiWord open at anyway ;-)
* PDF - open at width and height appropriate for 100% zoom

All IMHO of course ;-)
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