[Evolution-hackers] About #127535 and other special calendars


Some calendar bouties are about creating special backends that don't
really store events, instead, they dynamically provide them. In some
aspects, these don't really fit with the current model.

First of all, these may not have a URI associated with them, apart from
the scheme itself. For example, the ContactDates backend which I've mostly
written watches all address books, and thus there's only one such
calendar, which makes the separate 'Birthdays/Anniversaries' category in
the left-hand calendar list seem superflous since it always contains
exactly one calendar, with the same name.

Second, these calendars aren't created by the user and shouldn't be
deleted. To use the same example again (but this too can apply to other
special calendars as well), while we could include a "contacts://"
calendar in the schema for apps/evolution/calendar/sources, if the user
deletes it, he's SOL.

And maybe there are other problems.
So, what's the plan for these special[*] calendars?


[*] I know, these are not 'special', just different :))

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