[Evolution-hackers] RFC: Mailing List Actions UI

Hi, after discuss with NotZed on irc. We think that is better discuss
the topic of the UI of Mailing List Actions, before we could decide in
what part work (so take the patch from Jorge (koke) or from me, or
merge or another new thing).

This is the topic:
In my patch that comes from what I understood reading the Bounty.

      "...Evolution should provide an interface to these actions. If
      any of these headers are present in a message, Evolution should
      present them in a "List" submenu off the "Actions" menu. A
      successful patch to Evolution should follow the usability
      guidelines mentioned in the RFC..."

The mailing list actions (get help, subscribe, unsubscribe, ...) are
in the Menu Actions in a List submenu, *and* maybe wrongly in the
popup in the folder view.

In other part, Jorge did it in the Preview message window, just like
the image in the Bounty `says' (if this word apply).

What we don't know if there must be the three ways to access the
actions (that aren't too common to use) or drop one or two.

I *think* that any popup or keybinding is a fastest way to access all
the functions that could be done in the application (the most common
or useful), but all that functionality must be available via the

Thanks for your comment.

Edgar Antonio Luna Díaz
Fingerprint: C008 5EAC 5272 AC8C 7589  4821 8B34 6166 8733 8310

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