Re: [Evolution-hackers] More on the subscription list

Hi Meilof,

The subscription dialog display for the NNTP backend is now working 
(actual subscription should be almost ready now), and its performance is 
also quite relieving to me; I did think it would be nice though to have 

Sweet, good work.

the newsgroups sorted in the subscription list - my ISP's newsserver has 
hundreds of top-level groups, so finding the one you need can be a bit 
irritating). Is that something I should care of myself when returning 
from get_folder_info, or should that be implemented in the subscription 
editor, or shouldn't it be implemented at all?

It could be implemented in the subscription editor ... probably should be.  I think its just a matter of adding a sorting criteria to the gtktreeview.

But you could probably sort in the nntp backend as well, at least in a non-locale dependent order, just so that values come back in some consistent order.


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