Re: [Evolution-hackers] Status bar

> I see how it's not a must (since Evolution::Component::createControl can
> return any Bonobo::Control as the status bar), but I'm working on the Mail
> component so not using EActivityHandler is not an option.
> Would you accept a patch for EActivityHandler to create a new
> e_activity_handler_show_message() method?

What are you trying to do exactly?
He's trying to make mouse over url's show the url in the status bar, so yeah its a valid thing to ask about :)

Problem is, I am not sure how the message would interact with the other
tasks.  For examploe, when do you make it go away?  After a timeout? 
After the user clicks something?  It might be hard to get the behavior

In this case it goes away as soon as your mouse moves off, so that part isn't difficult.  I think other automatic/transient things would never use it.

We could possibly:
  1. hide the other widgets and just use an eclippedlabel while this status is around
  2. dedicate a certain space for the status and not use it for the transient ones, but that would probably not be very wide

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