Re: [Evolution-hackers] Status bar

On Tue, 2003-12-02 at 11:55, ERDI Gergo wrote:
> On Tue, 2 Dec 2003, Ettore Perazzoli wrote:
> > The components now actually use EActivityHandler.  I'm not sure why you
> > think it's a hack?
> It's a hack if the status bar message is not about the progression of an
> operation.

Well that's all the status bar is used for right now...  If we want to
use it for something else then we have to rethink things.

> I see how it's not a must (since Evolution::Component::createControl can
> return any Bonobo::Control as the status bar), but I'm working on the Mail
> component so not using EActivityHandler is not an option.
> Would you accept a patch for EActivityHandler to create a new
> e_activity_handler_show_message() method?

What are you trying to do exactly?

Problem is, I am not sure how the message would interact with the other
tasks.  For examploe, when do you make it go away?  After a timeout? 
After the user clicks something?  It might be hard to get the behavior

-- Ettore

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