Re: [Evolution-hackers] Offline stuff

>       * There is no centralized "offline folders" configuration anymore,
>         so we need something in the mailer to handle that if we still
>         want it to be configurable.

What about non-mail offline support? Will you have to configure offline
support separately in each component now? (Yeah, I know 2.0 won't
support anything but mail for offline, but that's supposed to be a bug,
not a feature. Besides, if we're going to actively only support mail,
then there's no reason to have the shell handle any of it.)

>       * When going offline, if there are unsynced messages, the mailer
>         should notify the user...

This is another place you'd want the shell to aggregate things. ("There
are unsyced mail items" "OK" "There are unsynced calendar items" "OK"
"There are unsynced contact items" "OK"...)

-- Dan

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