Re: [Evolution-hackers] Offline stuff

On Sun, 2003-11-30 at 18:54, Not Zed wrote:
> >       * There is no centralized "offline folders" configuration anymore,
> >         so we need something in the mailer to handle that if we still
> >         want it to be configurable.
> I saw in mozilla this is done as a property on the folder properties
> dialogue, on each folder.  I wonder if we should do that?  Or still
> have a separate page?

I think our way is better, since you can see at a glance which folders
are synced and which ones are not.  With Mozilla you have to go check
each folder one by one...

> We dont have any property thing done yet, although i started working
> on one.  It would make things simple and hide the clutter from the
> main config page.


> >       * When going offline, if there are unsynced messages, the mailer
> >         should notify the user ("you have unsynced messages, go offline
> >         anyways?") and stop the download if the user confirms.  This way
> >         the user doesn't have to plan in advance to sync the messages
> >         before putting the computer offline.
> Will that have to be done in each component or in the shell?

The components.

Hmm maybe we need to rework the dialog a bit.  Right now the shell just
tells the user which open connections there are and if they can be
closed.  I guess we can change it so the meaning is "there are open
unsynced connections" and change the wording in the dialog slightly...

Then the mailer can tell the shell the connection is OK to close once
it's done syncing it up.

-- Ettore

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