Re: [Evolution-hackers] note on colorized calendars

On Wed, 2003-08-13 at 18:11, Anna Marie Dirks wrote:
> Luis:
> We (meaning the Evolution development team) care just as much as you do
> about making Gnome accessible. 
> Please, rest assured that our intentions are to work within the
> established accessibility guidelines (and the Human Interface
> Guidelines) to make sure that Evolution is usable by everyone. 
> Perhaps it would be helpful to try to keep in mind that the screenshot
> you saw is just a sketch made by Tuomas to feel out an idea. It is
> certainly not meant as a final, immutable solution. It would be a pity
> if you read it as such. We have to start somewhere, and I am confident
> that starting with Tuomas' idea is sound. 
no, I think Luis was talking about my screenshots:

those are real, not mockups, believe me :-)


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