Re: [Evolution-hackers] note on colorized calendars

On Wed, 2003-08-13 at 08:57, Luis Villa wrote:
> I was perusing rodrigo's blog a bit, and noticed the design choice to
> use colorized calendars to do the overlaying. I'd talk to the a11y guys
> to be certain, but that's likely to be an a11y nightmare- they strongly
> urge against solely using color to distinguish things, since if you are
> color-blind, blind, or otherwise incapable of distinguishing color
> things get very messy. 

Do you have any suggestions for fixing this?

>From a screen reader standpoint, it shouldn't matter since we can put
the name of the calendar in the extra A11Y fields.

For color-blind people, I am not sure...  We can make sure the stock
colors have a reasonable amount of contrast differences and allow the
user to configure different colors.  But I don't think we can use icons
or other ways of identification, because they would make the UI ugly
and/or more complicated.

Are any of the Sun A11Y people reading this?  What are your thoughts?

-- Ettore

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