Re: [Evolution-hackers] Re: about evolution imap local email storage

On Tue, 2003-04-22 at 03:13, Antonio Xu wrote:
> Hello, All
>           I agree with Henry's opinion. Now, Evolution is the most 
> popular email client in linux world, so we should make it more 
>  perfessional. I think we should add a preference item to allow  user 
> specify whether make evolution copy imap email to local. that would be 
> very usefule in enterprise enviroment.
>           I have filed a bug (#41693) for this issue, if we can solve it 
> in 1.4 would be better.

The purpose of 1.4 is porting Evolution to GNOME 2, not to add new
functionality.  The reason for this is that the port to GNOME 2 already
requires a lot of changes, and we don't want to destabilize the code
base by doing porting and large scale enhancement work at the same time.

So, while everyone agrees the IMAP implementation in Evolution could be
improved in many ways, it will have to stay as is at least until 1.4 is

-- Ettore

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