[Evolution-hackers] vfolder issues

Ok, so I basically have most of vfolders done.  So much for 1-2 weeks,
it was really rather trivial.

Anyway, one problem is how to define what folders a vfolder searches.

Currently I have a camel_vee_folder_add_folder() which adds an open
folder to an internal list - the problem is that then the application
must link with the vfolder provider library directly.  Is this
a real problem?

Should I put it in the folder url?  This will make some big ugly
url's though.

Just for info, currently a vfolder url is something like:

vfolder:/path/to/local/storage/vfolder_name?(vfolder search query)

Where the bit upto and including vfolder_name defines an mbox
that the vfolder uses when it has no other option to store
an appended message, etc (or probably will, not sure on this yet).
The vfolder_name defines a tag that is used on other folders when
you drag messages into the vfolder (and added implicitly to all
vfolder subfolder queries), and the query part defines
a camel-folder-search-by-expression search specification.


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