[Evolution-hackers] Re: [Evolution] Evolution "Prokaryote" 0.0 has been released

Ettore Perazzoli <ettore helixcode com> el día 11 May 2000 09:21:48 -0400, 

>    Sergio> this means that I will start complaining to all evolution
>    Sergio> users for sending html email ?
>    Sergio> what format will be the default ?
>  I don't think this has been  decided yet, but it's a minor issue, as

well, 99% of the users (if gnome is going to world desktop domination)
will use what you hackers choose by default...

so i don't think is a minor issue, I've seen gnome hackers bashing
people from posting html in this lists ...

>long as the user is informed  about the consequences and the choice is
>made clear enough.  Actually, we  could make it mandatory for the user
>to specify this before he starts using Evolution.

desktop people don't understand this(*), if you are going to ask, you
will confuse them, they don't know about internal formats, they just 
write and send ...

(*) when i ask to my friens and coworkers why they send me html email,
=all= of they ask: "haa ?, what are you talking about ?"

>  And anyway, HTML is not the root of all evil.

haa, that's because you have a html capable reader now ...  :)

maybe this can work: if the user don't use colors, bold, etc,
evolution will send in text/plain, on the contrary evo will
send multipart/alternative with text/plain & text/html


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