[Evolution-hackers] Re: [Evolution] HTML Mail

"Sergio A. Kessler" wrote:
> maybe this can work: if the user don't use colors, bold, etc,
> evolution will send in text/plain, on the contrary evo will
> send multipart/alternative with text/plain & text/html
> sergio

Actually, that sounds quite reasonable.  In the manual, I've suggested
that users not send HTML mail unless they're sure people want to read
it, and to "err on the side of simplicity" if they aren't sure. 
Following that suggestion in the app would be good. Rather than make it
a default you have to change, (which sounds simple to Us, but anything
involving a prefs dialog is confusing and complicated to Them) why just
have it send plaintext unless they use the HTML formatting. 

My feeling on how Average Guy thinks: it's plain text (meaning
unadorned, not format) or it's fancy text (i.e. pictures, colors & other
cool stuff, not "html".).  Which is why "plain text" is such a confusing
term for some people, i guess-- If i see a web page with only words on
it, it looks like plain old text to me.


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