[Evolution-hackers] Re: [Evolution] Evolution "Prokaryote" 0.0 has been released

Recieving HTML mail by default _IS_ Evil :)

I don't always access my mail using POP3 (i.e. I telnet to my Uni server 
and use pine). It is VERY annoying for me to see HTML mail, and if its 
from a mailing list I usually just delete (because its 99.9% of the time 
a stupid question like "how do I compile/install GNOME?" or "its broken").

HTML mail should /not/ be the default. A couple of times I accidently 
sent people HTML mail when I was just writing a simple text message in 
Outlook, I had no idea what the 'default' behavior was.

Asking upon 'first use' is a good idea. Either that or plain text by 

On Thu, 11 May 2000, Ettore Perazzoli wrote:

>     Sergio> this means that I will start complaining to all evolution
>     Sergio> users for sending html email ?
>     Sergio> what format will be the default ?
>   I don't think this has been  decided yet, but it's a minor issue, as
> long as the user is informed  about the consequences and the choice is
> made clear enough.  Actually, we  could make it mandatory for the user
> to specify this before he starts using Evolution.
>   And anyway, HTML is not the root of all evil.
> -- 
> Ettore

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