Re: [evince] Suggestions for evince's "back button"

Le mercredi 05/02/14 à 20h36,
Carlos Garcia Campos <carlosgc gnome org> a écrit :

I think all the issues mentioned here are already fixed in the current
evince version where we have back and forward buttons always visible
in the toolbar.

Indeed, sorry.


1. once again, is there now a shortcut for this back button?

2. I noticed a weird behavior: thanks to bookmarks, if I jump from page
4, to page 72 and then to page 78 of a document (PDF built with
PDFLaTeX), clicking on the back button goes to page 70 (OK) but now the
back button is disabled: I can't go further in the history, especially
not to the initial page (4). Now, if I go to the next page (71), e.g.
with the "n" shortcut, the back button is enabled anew and clicking on
it goes to the initial page 4.

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