evince does not respect system font rendering configuration


I am not a native speaker, please endure my poor English.

I have been using evince for a while and i noticed that evince does
not respect my system settings of font rendering when displaying pdf

I have searched the web and find several threads and pages talking
about this issue. Several different patches exist to solve this
problem. In most cases, the patch hard-code the subpixel settings in
function pdf_page_render. However, these kind of patches were rejected
because of the coding style.

My question is since evince is apparently a gnome application, why not
use the according gconf to initialize the appropriate
cario_font_options_t and pass it to the surface?

IMHO, poppler is a library and thus it does not necessarily provide
the user settings of the system. It should be the library user's (in
this case, evince) responsibility to set the according variables

I am not familiar with all the fontconfig, cairo, poppler thing, and I
am not sure if getting the subpixel rendering is as simple as setting
the appropriate font options. If it is not the case, please ignore
this nonsense.

Thank you for you kind attention.

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