Re: How evince GUI is designed? Whether GTK or GTK+?

Excerpts from Javed Shaikh's message of jue mar 18 05:20:15 +0100 2010:
> Hi friends!
> I along with my team, is working on the accessibility of evince for .pdf
> files. I have explored many aspects on internet and came to know that any
> application if is designed using GTK then the GNOME desktop provides basic
> accessibility to the application for any assistive technologies. Similarly,
> the evince document viewer is also designed using GTK but it is accessible
> only upto the menus, menu items, page number etc not beyond this. Is this is
> the basic accessibility mentioned everywhere? Whereas the actual contents of
> the pdf is far from the accessibility. The very first thing which I want to
> know is that whether the evince is designed in using GTK OR GTK+? To procced
> further and reach the destination I think following steps need to be taken.
>     1)   To implement ATK in evince source code.
>     2)   To build a script in ORCA for pdf similar to gedit, pidgin etc.
>     3)   To implement the BRIDGE which supplies informaiton to AT-SPI.
> Please help us to crack this problem, Thanks in advance.

I think most of the work to implement a11y in Evince has to be done in
poppler rather than in Evince, since text extraction is done by

> Yours Faithfully
> Javedali
Carlos Garcia Campos
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