How evince GUI is designed? Whether GTK or GTK+?

Hi friends!

I along with my team, is working on the accessibility of evince for .pdf files. I have explored many aspects on internet and came to know that any application if is designed using GTK then the GNOME desktop provides basic accessibility to the application for any assistive technologies. Similarly, the evince document viewer is also designed using GTK but it is accessible only upto the menus, menu items, page number etc not beyond this. Is this is the basic accessibility mentioned everywhere? Whereas the actual contents of the pdf is far from the accessibility. The very first thing which I want to know is that whether the evince is designed in using GTK OR GTK+? To procced further and reach the destination I think following steps need to be taken.

    1)   To implement ATK in evince source code.
    2)   To build a script in ORCA for pdf similar to gedit, pidgin etc.
    3)   To implement the BRIDGE which supplies informaiton to AT-SPI.

Please help us to crack this problem, Thanks in advance.

Yours Faithfully

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