preferences recorded

evince is very good and very fast. the only annoyance is that it opens
all files in some format (small window usingonly part of the screen and
in 'fits page widths'). this may be ok for some, but not for everybody.

could you make it read when starting up a preference file where i could
set my preferences (full screen, dual, 100% - this would be my prefs,
but i am sure others have other preferences)

good, very useful tool - thank you!


Prof. Dr. sc.techn. Andrew U. Frank    +43 1 58801 12710 direct
Geoinformation, TU Wien                +43 1 58801 12700 office
Gusshausstr. 27-29                     +43 1 55801 12799 fax
1040 Wien Austria                      +43 676 419 25 72 mobil

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