Re: Active statement or OFX File on Evince

Excerpts from Narendra Diwate's message of mié jun 09 07:49:53 +0200 2010:
> Hi
> An Active Statement or OFX ( Open Financial Exchange) is a Statement sent by
> Financial Institutions like Banks that is a PDF File in which a HTML/XML
> file is embedded which can download info from the institutions. The PDF
> generally contains very little info, while the HTML contains a lot more.
> More info
> Now the reason for this mail. I am from India and I receive Active
> Statements from a Financial Institutions which i am unable to view (the
> embedded html info in particular) in Evince 2.29 on Ubuntu 10.04(64bit). On
> mailing the institution I was told that Evince 2.29 would be able to open
> this Active Statement. However this is not the case.
> Is this to do with the Ubuntu build of Evince 2.29 or is the institution
> wrong in claiming Evince 2.29 supports Active Statements ? I am not
> comfortable building or compiling apps so can someone point me to a build
> that you believe may work. Any other advice too or info too is welcome.

We don't have any support for OFX files in evince. 

> Hope i have provided enough info to elicit a response.
> Regards
> Narendra Diwate

Carlos Garcia Campos
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