Active statement or OFX File on Evince


An Active Statement or OFX ( Open Financial Exchange) is a Statement sent by Financial Institutions like Banks that is a PDF File in which a HTML/XML file is embedded which can download info from the institutions. The PDF generally contains very little info, while the HTML contains a lot more. More info

Now the reason for this mail. I am from India and I receive Active Statements from a Financial Institutions which i am unable to view (the embedded html info in particular) in Evince 2.29 on Ubuntu 10.04(64bit). On mailing the institution I was told that Evince 2.29 would be able to open this Active Statement. However this is not the case.

Is this to do with the Ubuntu build of Evince 2.29 or is the institution wrong in claiming Evince 2.29 supports Active Statements ? I am not comfortable building or compiling apps so can someone point me to a build that you believe may work. Any other advice too or info too is welcome.

Hope i have provided enough info to elicit a response.


Narendra Diwate

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