Re: bug report

Le samedi 10/07/10 à 21h11,
Denis Bitouzé <dbitouze wanadoo fr> a écrit :

> For instance, Sumatra PDF can be installed without any problem.

The trouble is really problematic. I explained myself: on Windows Seven
also, it is impossible to install Evince as administrator, even from
an administrator count. So there is no other choice than install it in a
personal 'Program Files'.

For instance, on my test machine, it is impossible to install Evince in
the usual C:\Program Files directory (insufficient rights) and the
default directory suggested is some cryptic path:


Firstly, I'm not sure Evince will be available for other users.

Secondly, when used with LaTeX, Evince' path has to be filled in LaTeX
editor configuration panel, in order it is used as DVI, PS and PDF
viewer. But, when clicking on the button to retrieve Evince executable,
it is impossible to find this 'AppData' directory in 'C:\Users\Me'.
There is almost no other choice than writing the cryptic path by hand!

The trouble seems to come from .msi installer that, on Vista and Seven,
cannot be launched as administrator.

Could it be possible to provide Evince on Windows as an .exe file which
is OK, as for instance with Sumatra PDF? Otherwise, using Evince as a
viewer for LaTeX on modern Windows will actually be very difficult,
especially for newbies.

Thank you in anticipation.

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