Evince and fluffy bunnies

Dear Evince developers,
	I'm having a bad day.  It's one of those Fridays.  I'm a Lecturer, so a
lot of my job is preparing classes and class notes for students.  Today
I did what I do most days of the week.  I found some notes that needed
to be modified and modified them.  I read through them on-screen just to
be sure that they were right.  Then it occurred to me.
	Every day I modify documents and every day I view them.  Most hours of
the working day I open Evince and it lets me do my work.  And thinking
more about it, Evince allowed me to view the text of my wedding
celebration when I got hitched.  Evince allowed me to view and print my
flight details when flying home to see family.  Evince allowed me to
print Cory Doctrow's "Down and out in the magic kingdom" with a two
pages per page and double-sided thus entertaining me and reducing
environmental waste.
	So even though today is a bad day for me, it's not for Evince.  Evince
is rock-solid and has been contributing to helping my life for several
years now.  Thanks for your time and dedication to producing such great
software and please accept these invisible fluffy bunnies as a token of


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