Re: Problems with presentation mode.

El jue, 18-06-2009 a las 17:46 -0400, Jose Aliste escribió:
> Hi,
> > Could you provide a PDF file with such a feature, please?
> I don't know if I can attach files to the list so you I uploaded a test file to

404 Not Found

> In Adobe Reader (windows) when you go in fullscreen mode you get the
> first page, when you navigate to the second page, this displays then
> disapears and the following is shown, etc,etc, up to the last page...
> So you have a fade effect. There is a problem with this example: if
> you are in fullscreen mode in the last page, you can not go back to
> the first page.

I think that should work with current evince, there are only a few
effects not yet supported. 

> >
> >> The third one is about movie support. Any plans on this? Adding an
> >> embedded player using gstreamer maybe?
> >> I' ve seen that there is poppler support on the way.
> >
> > Yes, it's in our RoadMap indeed, but at the moment nobody is working on
> > it. Patches are, of course, more than welcome ;-)
> Carlos, is there movie support already in poppler glib? I have looked
> at the poppler list and it seems to me that it is not yet upstream ...
> If this is indeed the case, could you point me to a branch, patch or
> whatever media to get this support?

hmm, there isn't a branch for that, Hugo Mercier started to implement
it, see this thread:

Carlos Garcia Campos
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