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El lun, 08-06-2009 a las 13:28 +0100, Joseph Thomson escribió:
> Hi Evince developers,
> Evince is having trouble reading the attached document.  The viewer
> crashes when I scroll down several pages, not on opening the document.
> Whether the document is valid or not, I am not sure (though it does
> work on several other PDF viewers), but I figured you would want to be
> informed of any documents capable of causing a segfault!
> (evince:6336): Poppler-CRITICAL **: PopplerPage*
> poppler_document_get_page(PopplerDocument*, int): assertion `0 <=
> index && index < poppler_document_get_n_pages (document)' failed
> Segmentation fault
> I am using GNOME Document Viewer 2.26.1 on Ubuntu 9.04 64-bit.

It's actually a bug in the document itself:

/Dest [ 21 /XYZ 40 667 0 ]

This is a destination pointing to page 22 while document has 19 pages. 

In any case it shouldn't crash, I've just fixed it in poppler git:

Thanks for reporting. 

> Joe
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