Re: Printing in evince

18.09.08, 19:16, "Marek Kasik" <mkasik redhat com>:

> Hi all,
> I would like to change the way in which printing is processed in evince.
> Evince tries to prepare list of printed pages itself. But sometimes it
> doesn't do this right (Bug 397225, Bug 547646, Bug 549745, Bug 550125,
> Bug 455759, + some downstream bugs). It also doesn't implement new
> features (for example Page ordering).
> The way I would like to change the evince printing is to implement full
> GTK+ printing stack. The libgnomeprint support was removed from evince
> some time ago, so we can leave it whole on GTK+ printing infrastructure.
> There are also some inconveniences (problems with preview), but I think
> that it is worthwhile because of future maintenance.
> What do you think about this?

Hi Marek, of course you are welcome to participate in Evince development.

About you proposal, sorry, I don't quite understand, what exact features are going to be implemented?

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