How to jump to a given page?

Hi folks!

I think jumping to a page is not consistent with the epiphany way... Let
see what epiphany does:

1. The toolbar has a text field where one can write a location and jump
to that location by pressing RET

2. There's a «Open location...» command in the menus, which gives the
focus to the relevant text field in the toolbar

3. If the toolbar is disabled, it will be temporarily enabled when «Open
location...» is used

4. The key combination Ctrl+L is bind to the «Open Location...» menu

I believe those settings are quite good. One can work with/without
toolbar and/or mouse/keyboard, there's always a simple way to jump to a
given web page.

What do you think about implementing the same mechanism in evince?
Only 2, 3, and 4 are missing isn't it?


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