Re: [RFC] More intelligent session handling

В Птн, 21/10/2005 в 11:21 +0100, Nelson Benítez пишет:
> Hi,
> almost 90% of pdfs I read are from internet,e.g. I click them in Firefox 
> and are opened in Evince, and sometimes I have some of this pdfs opened 
> (pending of being read) when I have to switch off computer to do other 
> things (or to quickly go away cause Im being late to a date/meeting).
>   Take in mind that I don't take the time to save the pdf cause:
>   a) I haven't read the pdf yet, so I don't know if the pdf is 
> interesting enough for me to save it.
>   b) From the first moment I knew I won't save it cause I only want it 
> to look at some specific info or to copy/paste some specific info, and 
> in both cases I don't have the time to do it cause I'm leaving computer.
> When I come back and session restore applications, evince don't show the 
> pdf I had opened due to some reason[1] an end user won't mind. So a 
> solution[2] to this would be cool :).
> So I would like to know if you find this a useful feature, and so to 
> file a bugzilla enhancement request.
> [1] unsaved pdfs are in /tmp and are erased in the reboot
> [2] On session close event: copy or hardlink the opened pdfs that are in 
> /tmp to .gnome2/evince/
>   On session start event: copy/hardlink all existent pdfs in 
> .gnome2/evince/ to /tmp and open them from there

Hello Nelson.

Thanks for your request. Sorry, but your request seems a bit complicated
so I am not sure it needs to be implemented. Imagine you have script
that clears .gnome2/evince after reboot, what should we do then :) ? The
easiest solution is just not clear /tmp or clear it after some period.
Or it can by system-wide more intelligent cleaner that knows that some
tmp files are used in current session and some aren't. Anyhow it's far
away from evince itself.

The more natural thing is to make firefox pass pdf uri to evince instead
downloading file to /tmp. In that case evince will save this uri on
session close and will download file again on session restore. If that
use case doesn't work, it's a bug.

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