[RFC] More intelligent session handling

almost 90% of pdfs I read are from internet,e.g. I click them in Firefox and are opened in Evince, and sometimes I have some of this pdfs opened (pending of being read) when I have to switch off computer to do other things (or to quickly go away cause Im being late to a date/meeting).

 Take in mind that I don't take the time to save the pdf cause:

a) I haven't read the pdf yet, so I don't know if the pdf is interesting enough for me to save it.

b) From the first moment I knew I won't save it cause I only want it to look at some specific info or to copy/paste some specific info, and in both cases I don't have the time to do it cause I'm leaving computer.

When I come back and session restore applications, evince don't show the pdf I had opened due to some reason[1] an end user won't mind. So a solution[2] to this would be cool :).

So I would like to know if you find this a useful feature, and so to file a bugzilla enhancement request.

[1] unsaved pdfs are in /tmp and are erased in the reboot
[2] On session close event: copy or hardlink the opened pdfs that are in /tmp to .gnome2/evince/ On session start event: copy/hardlink all existent pdfs in .gnome2/evince/ to /tmp and open them from there

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