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Nickolay V. Shmyrev wrote:
В Срд, 19/10/2005 в 18:15 -0600, Andrew Z пишет:


I am trying to print a legal-size PDF on legal-size paper, but the printout is reduced to /letter size/ at the bottom of a legal sheet.

In Evince, I set the paper size from A4 to US Legal.

My system:
- Evince 0.4.0
- Fedora Core 4.
- HP LaserJet 2420 with Foomatic and PPD, connected via JetDirect

On the same system, prints legal size without issue, and on a Windows system the same PDF prints fine to the same printer.


Hello Andrew.

Thanks for reporting this problem. Unfortunately it's not easy to say
what's going on there. From bugzilla view it seems that evince printing
is completely broken. For me it seems that all printing settings are
hard-coded in poppler and we have no framework to set them now. Can you
do the following:

1. Try to print to file and check if PS file produced is also letter.
2. Try to print PS file of legal size.

If only first fails, this is likely to be poppler issue if second fails
also, it may be evince or libgnomeprint issue. Anyhow, please file a bug
about that to poppler bugzilla or to evince bugzilla.


you all should be using A4 anyways ;D

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