Re: Document Properties.

On Mon, 2005-05-09 at 18:27 +0200, Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:
> I think it's
> better to stick with a tabbed interface. It's more intuitive to use
> and anyway we should keep the number of displayed properties sensible.
> For nautilus I dont think it's necessary to show everything, just show
> the most important informations which can fit in one tab...

I think the current dialog from the screenshot looks good for the
properties dialog.  Pat is right on that just stealing the widgetry for
the nautilus property page would be bad, we'd get tabs within tabs and
that kind of UI can make cute bunny rabbits cry.

The dialog was intended to limit the amount of information from the meta
tags to the most useful, trying to follow whatever is the Evince design
philosophy.  I'd recommend that the nautilus properties page follows the
same layout.  If there exists a real need for the font information from
the nautilus properties then I don't really see a reason why we can't
just have another nautilus properties tab for PDF Fonts.  Not a tab
within the tab, but a whole new one just for fonts. *shrug*

Anyway, that's my opinion on it.  If people really want to get all the
meta-data out of a document you might be inclined to build command line
or gui tools like xpdf has.  Most of the other meta data isn't really
necessary unless you're developing PDFs, which isn't our target

~ Bryan

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