Re: ftp:// handling

Hi Dimitrij,

Dmitrij D. Czarkoff schreef op wo 09-11-2011 om 22:38 [+0100]:

> As everyone might have noticed, the ftp:// links aren't supported in
> Epiphany. Is there any way to set an external URI handler for them
> either in Epiphany or in GNOME? Does GNOME infrastructure have the URI
> handler settings? Does Epiphany support it?

Short answer, Gnome infrastructure does have URL handlers but due to the
WebKitGTK+ backend that's still relatively young, Epiphany doesn't
support them yet. 

> P.P.S.: I know about the corresponding bugs in Epiphany bugzilla, but
> they don't give enough info about the problem and I don't want to
> pollute them with discussion.

For reference, those bugs are and .

I agree that they don't provide much information. But seeing that "fake"
URL protocols (about:) have been implemented now, I think that support
for handling ftp: requests should be within reach.


Reinout van Schouwen

> P.P.P.S.: I'm not on list, please include me in TO or CC.

That's considered against netiquette: you ask on a mailinglist, expect a
reply on the mailinglist.

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