Re: Initial reactions

El vie, 22-10-2010 a las 09:06 +1100, Nick Downing escribió:
> hi all,
> I just switched over to Epiphany, as I finally got sick of Firefox's
> slowness and unreliable behaviour, and as the new owner of a
> smartphone I recently became aware of webkit so I made a quick check
> to see if any webkit browsers were available on the PC to try out.  I
> must say Epiphany is really great, it just feels right, it seems a lot
> faster, this may be an illusion based on the webpages loading and the
> screen being updated in a more consistent way, but anyway I like it.
> Convincing my wife has been more difficult though:
> 1. She doesn't like the behaviour of opening URLs in a new window, she
> would prefer a new tab (so would I).  Could this be made configurable?

Use gconf-editor to
activate /apps/epiphany/general/open_new_windows_in_tab

> 2. She has to go into the File menu to add a new tab, could a '+' icon
> be added in the tab bar?

View >  Toolbars > Edit toolbars

> 3. One of her fave websites, doesn't load
> properly.  It redirects to a mobile website.  I understand this is
> probably not an Epiphany/Webkit issue, just the brain-dead
> implementation of the website, it probably thinks that if the browser
> identifies itself as Webkit it must be running on an iPhone or
> something.  But experience tells me that asking them to correct this
> problem will probably get nowhere fast, so could we have a workaround?
>  Maybe a revised identification string, or option to change it or
> something?

You can change it in /apps/epiphany/general/user_agent with

> 4. (I noticed this) It would be good if the location bar had focus
> after adidng a new tab, I haven't checked but probably the same issue
> is present on startup, new window, etc.

Set your homepage to a blank page in preferences.

Code is in

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