Initial reactions

hi all,
I just switched over to Epiphany, as I finally got sick of Firefox's
slowness and unreliable behaviour, and as the new owner of a
smartphone I recently became aware of webkit so I made a quick check
to see if any webkit browsers were available on the PC to try out.  I
must say Epiphany is really great, it just feels right, it seems a lot
faster, this may be an illusion based on the webpages loading and the
screen being updated in a more consistent way, but anyway I like it.
Convincing my wife has been more difficult though:
1. She doesn't like the behaviour of opening URLs in a new window, she
would prefer a new tab (so would I).  Could this be made configurable?
2. She has to go into the File menu to add a new tab, could a '+' icon
be added in the tab bar?
3. One of her fave websites, doesn't load
properly.  It redirects to a mobile website.  I understand this is
probably not an Epiphany/Webkit issue, just the brain-dead
implementation of the website, it probably thinks that if the browser
identifies itself as Webkit it must be running on an iPhone or
something.  But experience tells me that asking them to correct this
problem will probably get nowhere fast, so could we have a workaround?
 Maybe a revised identification string, or option to change it or
4. (I noticed this) It would be good if the location bar had focus
after adidng a new tab, I haven't checked but probably the same issue
is present on startup, new window, etc.
I thought I might have a crack at making these changes but I couldn't
easily see if there is an svn/git/etc repository or something
containing the bleeding edge code?  Also I have many projects open and
little time so it's probably easier if someone else does it, who is
more familiar with the code.
cheers, Nick

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