Re: Starting to write Seed extensions

Hi Jonthan

El dom, 04-04-2010 a las 19:54 +0200, Jonthan Wadelius escribió:
> Hi,
> Thanks for the quick reply! I've been looking at the two examples
> "reopen-closed-tabs" and "close-multiple-tabs" but don't understand
> yet how a function from the epiphany source is called from the seed
> extension. If I for example would want to call "ephy_session_save" in
> "ephy_session.c", how would I write the code? 

You need to import Epiphany from the gobject introspection seed module,
sort of like this:

epiphany =
(from the top of my head, it might be epiphany, in minus)

then you have access to all classes and functions, say
epiphany.EphyWindow and the like.
Check out this:
Those are auto generated documentation for all seed modules available,
I'm not sure how recent Epiphany's docs are, but probably can give you
an idea.
Check also this about mapping of C names to seed ones, notice that it's
also included in seed tarball:

Like Xan said, hopefully we will improve this for this cycle. I could
tell you for example that calling some WebKit functions will crash you
(those with wrong ownership), keep that in mind if you start getting
weird crashes when using them :). Epiphany and GTK, and friends, should
be ok though.

Don't hesitate to ask!


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