context menu "Open link in new tab"

Hi, I've never submitted a patch to Epiphany or Gnome before, and I'm
hoping to try for the first time =)

A feature I feel is lacking in Epiphany is the ability to right click
a link and open it in a new tab. I almost never want to open a link in
a new window, but I often want to open a link in a new tab. Currently
I have to do this by holding ctrl and clicking the link. This is
inconvenient when my left hand is supporting my chin, as it often is
when I'm browsing the web.

Would a patch adding this functionality be likely to be accepted
(assuming the code is good quality)? I realize that Epiphany is
focused on simplicity and minimal clutter, but I feel that for many
people having "Open link in new tab" in the context menu is more
useful than "Open link in new window" (which I, and presumably others,
almost never use).

Thanks for your advice

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