[PATCH] Ported Simon Ward's Session Manager extension from Python to C

Hi all,

first I want to thank you for the great work on porting the rendering
engine from Gecko to WebKit!

I've never tried Epiphany with WebKit, before updating to Ubuntu Karmic
Koala yesterday, so now I'm surprised how stable, fast and especially
with way less memory usage it works.

However I was disappointed that all the python plugins don't work
anymore. One plugin I definitely cannot live without is the Session

So after a night of coding, I've finally ported Simon Ward's Python
version of the plugin, which I took from here:
http://projects.bleah.co.uk/misc/browser/epiphany-session-manager to C.

It looks like it works as well as the Python version; there is no
difference in functionality.

I've attached my patch that I've written against the current HEAD
I would be very happy if you applied the patch, so that in future more
people than just me could easily use the extension.

Please tell me if you have any criticism, questions or ideas on it!

With kind regards,


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