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I can't find any way to add the address box to a toolbar in the customize toolbar options. That's the problem. I can't re-add the field.

On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 8:34 PM, Jorge Kalmbach <kalmbach gmail com> wrote:
2009/8/11 Charlie Wheeler >

Hi, I have not asked many questions on a mailing list so my apologies if I am not completely in line with protocol.

Problem: I deleted the toolbar that has the URL address on it, and I cannot find a way to add the address bar back to a toolbar.

A toolbar only is "deleted" when all his elements are removed away. If that is your case, you can add the address text entry again on View->ToolBars->Personalize ToolBars dialog (i'm not sure how this is called on english, i have a spanish config), just drag and drop the address text entry to a toolbar.


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