Re: about:config (was: Re: How do I disable crash recovery dialog?)

Any thoughts on that, Reinouts?
And, doesn't the new webkit backend emphasize the need to dump about:config entirely and use only gconf?

Le lundi 23 juillet 2007 à 15:28 -0400, Jeff a écrit :
It's something that we simply inherit from Mozilla. Some useful settings
from about:config are actually mirrored in Gconf (for
example /apps/epiphany/web/smooth_scroll), but I don't think we would
gain much by mirroring all of them. It would become a jungle.
About:config is currently a jungle.

Taking only the relevant banana trees from that jungle and putting them into gconf, while it increases the number of gconf options, would be great usability nonetheless. And about:config could instead point to a semi-blank page saying "no, use gconf-editor!"

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