Hi,ephiphany interface touchings!!!!

ephiphany interface looks more like firefox a decade ago,can you
please make a better appealing interface with brighter looking theme
and ability to add skins to it,there are plenty of browsers in the web
world IE,firefox,safari and there clones like AVANT,MAXTHON,flock

i still like netscape interface too can you borrow from others icons
etc or make your own theme.
Open source is great allows freedom of expression,speech etc but its
development is too slow
and not very bright looking.design the whole interface---
icons,splash screen,some more features like better download manager
,integrating small and
powerful download manager like flashgot.gotthemall(firefox
ext).session mgmt,etc etc
but quick release cycle and faster develpment will make everything possible.
 thanks for making it easy but needs improvements.
hope for best of ur project.

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