Re: Maintenance of the current XULRunner-based Epiphany


On 4/3/08, Matej Cepl <mcepl redhat com> wrote:
> What is the situation with the current XULRunner-based Epiphany?
>  We will most likely have it in the upcoming Fedora 9 release, and
>  there seems to be some things still seriously broken (my biggest
>  pain is missing Greasemonkey as I use it for my work everyday;
>  bug Will they
>  be fixed, or is XULRunner-based Epy basically abandonware? Note
>  that it will be probably impossible for us to ship both versions
>  of firefox just because of Epiphany.

Next week's 2.20.1 should address lots of those problems. The recent
announcement does not put the current xr powered ephy in abandonware,
as stated 2.20 branch will be kept up to date and working to provide a
good fallback in case ephy-webkit does not start rocking as soon as we

Think of GDM, the one you are using is the "legacy-stable" since the
new ground breaking version is not yet fully functional. Devs
maintained such branch working while they hacked the new one. The plan
is the same for Ephy: hack ephy-webkit while keeping ephy-gecko as a



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