Re: Backends - was: ANNOUNCEMENT: The Future of Epiphany


On 4/1/08, Robert Marcano <robert marcanoonline com> wrote:
>  Why I think Gecko is still important on Epiphany, because the enterprise
>  sector. Currently I am working in a project related to a massive
>  migration to Linux on the desktop, and our current browser in testing is
>  Epiphany, for two reasons: it is Gecko, required by many applications
>  from third parties, those that only develop for a few browsers and do
>  not support (officially) any standard compliant browser; and the GConf
>  integration, moving to WebKit exclusively will destroy our preference on
>  Epiphany and make us harder forcing us to use plain Firefox.

As said in the announce, if ephy-webkit 2.24 is not user ready we will
release ephy-gecko from 2.22 branch, that means we will just
re-release the current stable ephy with the obvious fixes and updates.
Don't worry :).

Since you are a deplyoment case, we would appreciate a lot if you give
us some concrete suggestions about how can we improve ephy for this
cases. So we can have it in mind for the webkit port.

greetings :)

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