Cookie handling in (Python) extensions


looking at bug #337826 [0] and seeing that it was only classified as
enhancement I wanted to solve the problem another way, by writing an
extension that would pop up a dialogue asking me for confirmation before
allowing a cookie to be set.

I used to set the network.cookie.lifetimePolicy option in about:config
to 1. But then Epiphany started hanging when loading certain sites
(don't ask me exactly what version this first happened with). I reported
this on the Debian BTS (#357904 [1]). It was forwarded to the approriate
bug on Gnome bugzilla ([0]).

Now, I can list all cookies and so on via the CookieManager but I don't
know how to hook into the process when a website requests one.

I've tried the reference docs and the source code of both Epiphany and
the extensions but I can't seem to get my head around it. I don't even
know where to start looking really.

Is what I'm trying to do at all possible? And if so, can you point me at
the appropriate places where to find how?

Your help is much appreciated.



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