activation scrolls bug/gecko 1.9


I decided to have a go squashing my first Epiphany bug. I wanted to fix Bug 335226 <>, because, well, it was irritating me. With this bug, the embedded Gecko will scroll to the focused content on activation.

After familiarising myself with the Mozilla codebase, I located the problem. It's not strictly an Epiphany bug, but the bug doesn't occur in Firefox (which doesn't use any native widgets), nor K-Meleon (which uses native Windows widgets); the bug only occurs when embedding in a GTK user interface.

What happens is Mozilla calls the function SetSuppressFocus before handling an activate event, but it doesn't restore it to its previous state at the end. This is a problem because the function is called recursively. IIve created a patch, which I've put at <>.

So far so good. The above patch works against the latest source from the latest Firefox release (2.0.0.x), which uses Gecko 1.8. However, Mozilla want patches against trunk, which is Gecko 1.9. I don't know the magical combination of /.configure arguments that I need to build Mozilla and Epiphany to get Epiphany compiling against Mozilla CVS, or even an alpha Firefox release. I've tried many times without success (I get link errors with xpcom).

I would like some help, please. If someone knows how to build against Gecko 1.9, I'd need, I'd appreciate them telling me. Either that, or they could test the patch themselves. Or does anyone think I should just forward the patch upstream even if I can't test it against Gecko 1.9?

Addendum: With my above patch applied, I noticed that focusing doesn't quite work with Find: you can't tab from a search result. I'm working on a fix for that (inspired by Firefox's findBar.js), but I suspect I'll be too late for Epiphany 2.20.

Iain Nicol

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