Re: New Extensions - Tabs on Treeview

tir, 10 04 2007 kl. 03:10 +0000, skrev kevin michel:
> Hi,
> I'm currenly working on a new extension replacing tabs with a sidebar.
> I think this may interest people with lots of tabs, I found it scales
> better with more than 10 tabs
> and allow faster visual scanning and reordering (less distances
> between tabs). It's not really better than tabs on the left though,
> except it's more compact and visually lighter.

I do use a lot of tabs (think 76 tabs in a single window -- I have many
tabs right now), but as the resolution on my laptop screen is only
1024x768, I don't think I will use this extension.

I have tried it, however, and I have the following comments:
      * The current tab isn't selected in the treeview when I enable the
        extension (there's no row selected).
      * I can't open the /TabsOnTreeviewPopup popup menu; there's no
        empty space in the treeview to right click on. What about having
        it pop up as well when people right click outside the treeview
        on the sitebar?
      * I will suggest to connect to the "popup-menu" signal on the
        treeview, and use it to pop up the relevant menu (depending on
        which row in the treeview, if any, have focus). This will
        improve keyboard navigation.
      * It would be nice to have a way to show/hide the sitebar; e.g. an
        item in the View menu, and a keyboard shortcut.

> The code is not yet clean and needs testing, particularly for
> differences between 2.16 and 2.18 ( I'm working on a 2.16.3 epiphany
> ), known issues and limitations are :
>  * Incompatible with the Sidebar extension
>  * The close button is in a place we expect it to close the sidebar,
> not the current tab.
>     I don't know where to put the "close current tab" button(s),
> horizontal space is not cheap
>     in a toolbar so having one per row isn't a good idea I think.

I am not sure what you mean about "having one per row" in a toolbar, but
my Only One Close Button[1] extension makes a close button available in
the toolbars editor. It works well, for the most part; however, the
button remains available when one disables the extension. I don't know
how to solve this with the current Python extensions API, but it's not a
big issue, IMHO.

Anyway, you are welcome to use the relevant parts of my extension in
yours (it's GPL, as is Epiphany, so extensions have to be).


>  * It's not yet possible to drag the sidebar between left and right side
>  * Managing right-part width in a Panel is a nightmare, may break some day.
> As usual, ideas and bug reports are welcome :)
> ------------------
> Kevin MICHEL


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