RSS-Reader extension: new version

So here's a brand new shiny version of the rss reader extension for
epiphany. This one is a rewrite of the first one, it is now completely
gobject-based and allows you to add feeds to your list by using the
epiphany bookmark system. Adding feeds is the same as with the original
rss extension. Just look for the icon in the statusbar.

Put the folder in your epiphany-extensions/extensions/ dir and
recompile. I also included a copy of my modified, put that
in the epiphany-extensions root dir if you don't want to change it
yourself. It simply adds rss-reader to the list of extensions.

Has anyone already tested the extension from my previous posts? Any
comments are welcome.

Martin Schoen

Attachment: rss-reader.tar.bz2
Description: application/bzip-compressed-tar

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