Re: Architecture proposal

A list of properties for each EphyTab:
      * progress   [0..1]         current percentage loaded, 1.0 if done
      * forward    integer        how far forward we can go
      * backward   integer        how far backward we can go
      * address    string URL     current address of this tab from Gecko
      * popups     {true,false}   true if popups are visible

EphyWindow mirrors the properties of the current tab. Most properties
are read-only, but setting the "address" property of the EphyWindow will
simply set the "address" property of the current tab. Changing to a
different tab will cause notify emissions on all mirrored properties.

A list of extra properties for EphyWindow: 
     1. fullscreen    {true,false}        true if we are in fullscreen
     2. tab           positive integer    index of the current tab
     3. lockdown      lockdown flags      should this be extendable??

What am I missing?

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